Superhero Support

Already have a web maintenance contract with Moutonco? Awesome! Use the button below to submit your maintenance ticket. Remember that we have a 24 hour turnaround time on all our contracted customers. 



Not a member? Join the Superhero Squad!

  • Our Superhero Support program includes up to two hours of web design and development per month. Hours in excess of this amount are billed at our regular rate. Unlike our competitors, unused hours roll over from month to month for a total of up to 24 hours per year!
  • You have freedom to choose how you use your allotted hours. Update existing content or create new pages, including graphics, images and copywriting. Alternatively troubleshoot or develop develop new functionality (HTML, CSS, Javascript).
  • Log up to 10 tech support requests per month via email, telephone and Skype, with guaranteed updates within 24 hours. 
  • Comprehensive Analytics powered by Google. Gain a professional understanding of your website's activity and performance with 52 weekly reports. We'll aggregate every aspect of visits to your site, including location, unique vs repeat visitors, user operating systems, page popularity, referreral sources, bounce rate, time on site, time per page, and social media links. Most importantly we'll work worth you to put this data to use with our growth mapping service.
  • Growth Mapping Service (4 sessions per year on a quarterly schedule). This powerful 2 hour huddle follows an action-oriented discussion format, providing practical insights and realistic ideas. We will review our assessment of your previous period’s digital marketing results, such as web and social media analytics. We'll discuss your current objectives and goals and provide guidance to adjust the action plan to achieve your targets. We'll even deliver a simple written summary each period to help you follow through.


$ 50 / month

(billed annually  : $ 600 CAD per year)