Coupons For Hunger


Lovely opportunity getting to work with Colleen and Tonia, the co-founders of Coupons For Hunger. Together with the support of residents of London, Ontario they are able to help address the needs of the those in the city that face food insecurity.

Their programs comprise three parts:

  1. First they collect coupons through drop-boxes located at London Public Library locations.
  2. Secondly, they clip and sort these coupons at Coupon-a-thon drives held throughout the city. So far they've donated $25,667 in groceries to the London Food Bank and other local charities through this method!
  3. The third arm of their programs centres around education. Through Coupon Workshops they are able to teach couponing skills, thereby empowering attendees to drastically reduce their own monthly grocery bills.


Co-founders, Colleen Lindemann & Tonia Richardson

Co-founders, Colleen Lindemann & Tonia Richardson

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