Bending Color Website Launch

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New York, NY. 5 February 2013 - Bending Color, an innovative player on the international gem market launched their exclusive online presence today at The company is well known among select clientele for the ability to combine exquisite, rare gems with the world's leading designers and faceters. The results are a breathtaking, limited edition, collection of the earth's most unique and sought after colored gemstones. Seeking to reflect this exclusivity in their online space, the company retained the services of Mouton Consulting, for the development of their web presence. While opportunities to purchase a Bending Color piece will always remain a very rare opportunity afforded to a very select few, the company hopes that through the new website more people will be able to appreciate the incredible beauty and elegance of colored gemstones for custom collection jewelry.  

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Dale Young, CEO, describes his enthusiasm with the new website, “The site, while exuding the classic grace we are known for, also has a fresh feel which I really like. Our 2013 Winter inventory is a limited collection of rare Tanzanian color change garnets, Mahenge spinel, Mozambique tourmaline, Umba sapphire and Singida zircon.  Each hand picked piece of rough has been custom designed and faceted.  We invite serious clients to contact us for personal viewing opportunities."

Dale Young