Case Study: Abruzzi Ristorante

Link: Abruzzi Website

Abruzzi is a neighbourhood eatery located in the heart of downtown London, Ontario,
serving seasonally Italian inspired cuisine with a commitment to using local and sustainable food.

1. researched design

When it came to a web design we recognized the importance of serving all end users including the increasingly growing segment of tablet and mobile browsers. Consequently we delivered a solution based in HTML5 with responsive design elements. From your computer, mobile phone or tablet, this site is smart no matter how you look at it. 

Remaining true to our design ethic and the aesthetics of the restaurant we built a very clean website that is both eye-catching and bold. We made sure to present vital information about location and contact details along with social media integration in the footer of every page.

Our research showed us that, overwhelmingly, visitors to restaurant websites are engaged and converted to action by images and  as a result we incorporated beautiful galleries in the site which 
allow users to  “feast their eyes” on both the food and ambience of the restaurant while the wine list and menus are kept simple and include downloadable pdf versions.

2. innovative approaches

In a very bold and unique move, the ingredients and suppliers are featured on the website:

“At Abruzzi we believe that beautiful food starts with beautiful ingredients and thats why we only use the freshest, finest local produce in our restaurant. As our guest we believe you'd want to know more about the food on your plate and thats why we've included this page on our website. Please explore the wonderful (and in most cases sustainable) Canadian farms and mills where we source our ingredients.”

3. spreading the word

Given the very honest approach Abruzzi takes to their product and customers, you can understand why we were excited to spread the news! Seamless integration with Facebook, Twitter, Urban Spoon and Trip Advisor allows website users to promote Abruzzi through social interaction and sharing of reviews. To keep the conversation going, users are invited to sign up for the Abruzzi newsletter which features seasonal menu updates, new wine arrivals and supplier news.

Our Facebook Ads launch campaign for Abruzzi:

 Targeted 160 000 24-54 yr old users in London, Ontario 

(interested in Food & Dining) 

Reach: 135,802 impressions 

Engagement 171 clicks 

Results: 280 actions 

4. what the client says

5. like what you see?

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