Facebook are blowing it...

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks tweeted this image yesterday. His Dallas Mavericks page  has 2.3M fans, but a recent post only reached 27,000 before a "helpful" Facebook offered to extend his "free speech" reach to 1-1.8M of his fans for a $3,000 payment or 2.47M fans for $ 5000.

So the question the becomes: Is Facebook blowing it? The promise on the Facebook signup page says "sign up its free (and always will be)" and while I understand the notion of paying for advertising, shouldn't companies have the right to always reach 100% of their hard-earned fans? Moreover, this is not some new additional feature that Facebook is adding and charging users for. Instead, they've take functionality away and are charging users to get it back!

“It’s such a toxic value proposition. Instead of adding new features and charging you for that, Facebook TOOK reach AWAY and then tried to make everyone pay to get it back. What if they’d done it differently—as something new and improved like “Reach your friend’s friends with promoted posts !”—instead of sending you a ransom note? A guy like you would be the most enthusiastic user! The way they rolled it out, instead, now everyone just hates them. I think that was a major, major miscalculation on their part.” 
(Quote from Ryan Holiday via Dangerous Minds http://goo.gl/2qMgq)