Dr. Kathryn S. Coups Smith

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Client: Dr. Kathryn S. Coups Smith, Orthodontist
Logo: Rob Carter (Seed Creative)
Web Design: Jean-Paul Mouton (Mouton Consulting)
Images: Denise Ritchie (Moment)

Warm and welcoming is the main theme of this website, echoing the atmosphere at our client's downtown orthodontic practice.

Punctuated with kid friendly elements and yet retaining the overall effect of a professional family practice, this website is designed to offer quick access to pertinent information for both clients and referring doctors.

A specialized custom Online Referral System allows doctors and dentists to refer patients online in seconds along with uploading X-Rays directly to the client.

Built in HTML5, the website will retain the same rich user experience on all platforms, from smartphones and mobiles, through tablets and desktops.