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Hello friend,

Welcome to a better way to get your brand online!

Why deal with endless revisions, long email threads, delayed project timelines and poor communication? We hate those things and we know you do too. That's why we've invented a better way to get online. In fact, we've got so good at it, that we are now able to complete supercharged website builds in just 24 hours. We call it Lightning Launch!


Sounds cool, tell me more about it...

In short, Lightning Launch is out-of-this-world, stratosphere busting, astronaut level, productivity. We work together with you, one-on-one, for a VIP day of creative collaboration. Our proven process works by seamlessly combining your industry knowledge with our web design expertise to produce quality results, quickly and painlessly. At the end of your launch day, you'll have a beautiful, functional, SEO-friendly, and responsive website that gets you noticed and gets you business. Are you ready to launch? Let's go!

Here's how it will go down. You'll send us your Project Planner answers (takes about 15 minutes) and any copy or images you have prior to our session (If needed, we can help with this process on the day of the project). We'll send you three design cards to choose from within a week, and then based on your decision, we'll build most of your site ahead of time. Then on your Lightening Launch day, we work together, with you providing instant feedback on design and business process issues, to finish your site quickly and painlessly.

Typical back-and-forth communications are eliminated, so you save time ss leaves you with a top-notch website from just 1 day of hard work. The beauty of it is that we both set aside one whole day, dedicated to finishing the website. This allows us to be extremely communicative, and go back-and-forth as much in one day as we otherwise would in a couple of months.

Hmmm, is Lightening Launch for me?

Business is non-stop and we know it can be hard for an owner or startup founder to be gone for an entire day. Thats why our process is structured in such a way that you don't need to be completely isolated for lauch day - we can even work from your office, and you can still answer emails or direct employees, but that you and we will both need to be available to get our to-dos done and communicate with each other.

→ Why Lightening Launch?

It's super efficient, cost-effective, and fun! 

Depending on the complexity of your website, other services may be setup at the same time, including MailChimp, Social Media, Google Analytics etc.

You'll receive hands-on training with tools used to run your business.

→ This program is for you if...

You need to launch quickly

You have a smaller project with limited pages

You have a tight budget

How does Lightning Launch work?

→ Where will we meet?

In-person at our central Taipei office, your officer, online with video chat and screen sharing... Or if you are super, super busy, we can build your site and hand it over!

→ How much will it cost?

Average price for a Lightning Launch is $1500 (CAD), but please fill in our Project Planner and get a free, personalized quote. our 50% deposit reserves your Lightning Launch day.


Ready ?


*Takes about 15 mins to complete. We'll have a quote and some suggested launch days for you to choose from within 24 hours.