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I'm proud to announce that I'm a founding partner of Wyrd - Canada's freshest consulting collective based out of London, Ontario, and operating globally. Wyrd exists to help organizations discover their purpose, and grow into their potential, by applying our collective expertise in leadership, team building, marketing and business development. We believe every organization can be a remarkable one if they're Wyrd right. Visit our website to learn more.


"Some motivate while others educate. But it’s a rare individual who can combine vision with the skills and knowledge to turn bold ideas into positive action. Action resulting in sustainable change."


About Jean-Paul



Jean-Paul Mouton is a business strategist and multi-disciplinary consultant focussed on social enterprise in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Fundamentally, Jean-Paul's work centers around the inherent power of doing well while doing good; as such his approach to CSR and social justice is equally innovative and practical as it is inspiring. 

Jean-Paul is an MBA graduate from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan; he also holds an Honors degree in International Politics from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. He is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society and the Association of International Consultants. Following an unconvential career path, Jean-Paul has worked with businesses, educational institutions, local government and nonprofits in North America, East Asia and Southern Africa.


About My Work



Why #SocEnt?

The conceptual definition of social enterprise has been debated in academic literature, and in conferences, and in far too many organizations, for far too long. In practice, however, the distinction is easy to make: does your organization create increasing social or environmental impact with each unit of marginal revenue it is able to generate? If yes, congratulations, you have a social enterprise. If not, we should talk about how your brand or business can start building a better world.

How can I help?

The needs of social enterprises are as varied as the products and services of these organizations. Nonetheless, each organization requires sound financial planning, organizational leadership, and marketing and branding expertise. These processes form the crux of my consulting practice. Changing paradigms is an exciting, but arduous, endeavor; working with a consultant with broad, proven experience makes the process more manageable, and success more likely. 


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