Some motivate, and others educate. But it’s a rare individual who can combine vision with the skills and knowledge required to turn bold ideas into positive action. The kind of action that results in sustainable change.


I’ve been a student, lecturer, consultant, SCUBA instructor, entrepreneur, paint maker, web designer, and TEDx speaker. It's been a wonderfully exciting journey so far, and I'm deeply grateful for it.

I started Moutonco Ltd, a boutique consulting agency focussed on developing social enterprises around the world. I now work with the team at Wyrd Inc. where I am a Founding Partner. I also help people and organizations get online, sometimes in under 24 hours.

I’m passionate about sustainability and what that means for businesses and nonprofit organizations. I love finding ways for companies to do well while doing good, and I'm committed to empowering nonprofits to dream bigger and achieve more.

ENTJ, minimalist, vegan, meditator, runner, cyclist and swimmer. I was born and raised in South Africa. Since then I've lived in Taiwan, Canada and Malaysian Borneo. Soon I'll be moving to Thailand

My favorite smell is petrichor. Its a poignant reminder that even the harshest, dry heat is followed by rain, bringing growth and renewal. A lesson in growing stronger through adversity.

Wondering what I'm busy with right now? Check out my “now” page, which changes often.


My work focusses on strategy development for social enterprise and corporate social responsibility.

socentconsult process.png

My work is a constantly evolving 6 step process. Primarily I help my clients identify areas of opportunity, where social enterprise models or well thought out CSR initiatives can address new needs within a market, often where emerging stakeholder behaviors are driving the need for innovative responses from companies or nonprofits operating within the sector.

Next, working together with community stakeholders, I assist my clients to best understand the political, economic, social, technological and environmental settings and implications of their projects. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to co-create development plans and business models that directly and sustainably addresses the needs we have identified previously. 

From here, my work is usually characterized by rapid iteration and development of a social enterprise or CSR idea into a fully business initiative. Utilizing a design-thinking approach, I empower my clients to quickly design and deploy prototypes to find what works best, while simultaneously ensuring the sustainability of the models we develop. Once we're ready to launch, we are able to gear up and scale the project, birthing new social brands and fostering entrepreneurship.

The end result is real, systemic change as a result of social innovation. It's more than simply another CSR initiative or creating a new business, it's also about fulfilling Gandhi's challenge to be the change we wish to see in the world. If this challenge resonates with your brand, we should talk about how your organization can start building a better world. Contact me to get the ball rolling.


I'm proud to have worked with some great organizations, including: