Jean-Paul Mouton 莫尚

Jean-Paul is a scholar and educator based between London, Canada and Taipei, Taiwan. His consulting practice, Moutonco, is focussed on business strategy and social innovation.




Jean-Paul combines an excellent academic background in business management theory and research, with rich international experience in North America, Asia and Africa. He strives to find elegant solutions to complex organizational problems and his forte is successfully bringing disruptive new ideas to market. Despite being absolutely progressive in his pursuit of new paradigms in business strategy, Jean-Paul is also a fan of a well appointed desk, preferring hand written notes with a fountain pen to his tablet - a curious paradox of deliberate, measured reasoning, alongside the daring and bold pursuit of new horizons.

Jean-Paul is currently a PhD candidate at National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan where he previously graduated with an MBA in Global Business. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree in International Politics from Stellenbosch University in South Africa. Jean-Paul’s interests cover a broad spectrum of topical management theory; his current research surrounds stakeholder engagement as a key driver of organizational performance, as well as inter-firm networks as drivers of systemic sustainability. 

Jean-Paul has worked at multiple universities in his career, including Western Australia’s largest university, Curtin, and most recently the National Taipei University of Business. He has presented at a host of conferences, including TEDx, and has been inducted in the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society and the Association of International Consultants. Jean-Paul has also been a successful entrepreneur and senior executive with over fifteen years experience in marketing and strategic fields. He is a PADI accredited SCUBA instructor who spends most of his free time beneath the ocean surface.




Core Practice Areas


  • Political Risk Assessment
  • Economic Risk Assessment
  • Market Research & Evaluation
  • Strategic Alliance Brokerage



  • Social Enterprise Development
  • Entrepreneurship & Incubation
  • Non-profit Management 
  • Outsourced CSR Management



  • Corporate & Business Strategy
  • Financial Planning & Modeling
  • Brand Strategy & Growth
  • Outsourced Marketing Management

In recent engagements, Moutonco has successfully:

- Designed an innovative differentiation based strategy for the South East Asian branch campus of a major Australian tertiary education provider, including the preparation of the commercial proposition and the development of functional education products for implementation.

- Assisted the management team of a 75 year old North American organization to develop a strategic plan that provides long term sustainability while ultimately enhancing the social value of an entire community. A critical aspect of the project was establishing and growing new social enterprise based funding sources.

- Helped a leading Australian nonprofit to develop an online presence that powerfully illustrates their work dealing with the water crisis in East Africa. The clear representation of social return on investment to both private and public sector stakeholders has allowed the organization to secure growing funding and win international awards.




Moutonco has worked with educational institutions, government, NGOs and business. Across sectors and borders, from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Tanzania and South Africa, to the UK, USA and Canada, we’re proud of our wide ranging experience, and of our clients and partners, some of whom are listed below:





National Chiao Tung University

國立交通大學 經營管理研究所


National Taipei University of Business



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